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The new Volkswagen ID.3
The new Volkswagen ID.3
The car

E-mobility for millions

Clean, fascinating and – at long last – also affordable; e-mobility is the future of the automobile. From today’s perspective, e-mobility is the best and most efficient way to achieve carbon-neutral mobility. Hardly any other automaker is driving this transformation with the same consistency and commitment as Volkswagen. Over the next 10 years, almost 70 new electric models are to be launched throughout the Group. The target is to take e-mobility out of its niche to a central position in society.

The ID.3 is the first model in the new electric car generation to reach series production. The ID.3 has been especially designed for e-mobility and leverages to the full the opportunities offered by this technology. It offers long ranges, a spacious interior, dynamic vehicle handling and an entirely new level of digital connectivity. In terms of sustainability, the ID.3 also sets new standards. This makes the car a trailblazer and pioneer in the system changeover.

100 % electric

The ID.3 is an all-rounder fit for everyday use. It is compact and agile, as well as offering an especially spacious interior comparable with a mid-range car. The ID.3 therefore sets new standards in the compact class.

This is all backed up by innovative technologies and long ranges. Customers can choose between three sizes of battery. The standard version with 45 kWh allows ranges up to 330 kilometers. The medium-sized battery, with 58 kWh, can reach up to 420 kilometers and the largest battery, with a capacity of 77 kWh, makes a range of up to 550 kilometers possible (WLTP). Thanks to its fast charging capabilities, even the basic version can reach a range of about 290 km within 30 minutes with 100 kW charging.

Prices start at under €30,000 – before the state subsidy has been deducted.

Modular electric drive toolkit

The ID.3 is the first model to be based on Volkswagen’s modular electric drive toolkit (MEB). The heart of the MEB is the flat, scalable high-voltage battery firmly integrated in the floorpan structure. This configuration offers a number of advantages – from longer ranges to a more spacious interior and improved driving dynamics.

Furthermore, the MEB offers tremendous economies of scale, laying the foundation for the electric car to be affordable for as many people as possible. By 2028, up to 22 million electric cars, most of them based on the MEB, are to be produced and sold throughout the Group. Within the next few years, the Volkswagen brand will be launching an entire ID. family. These vehicles will range from compact cars to SUVs and large sedans. In future, the MEB will also be used by the brands Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. This way, Volkswagen will bring its successful platform strategy forward to the electric age.

The ID.3 - a new era begins

The ID.3 applies the design liberties of an electric vehicle in an uncompromising way. All in all, it is approximately as long as a Golf, but thanks to its shorter overhangs, its wheelbase is larger than that of any other vehicles in its category. The ID.3’s turning circle is also a mere 10.2 metres – comparable with that of a small car and ideally suited for urban environments. Anyone seeking to transport their bicycle with the ID.3 can do so using a special towing bracket providing a vertical towbar load of 75 kilograms.