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How Volkswagen makes the ID.3 carbon neutral

The 100 percent CO2-neutral balance sheet production is an important building block on the way to production without any impact on the environment.
Hot spots in the production of the Volkswagen ID.3: The battery causes over 40 percent of CO2 emissions.
A lot of CO2 can be saved in the extraction of raw materials and the upstream production of materials and components.
Especially in the battery production a lot of CO2 can be saved.
Zwickau plant.
New era after the Beetle and Golf: With the ID.3, Volkswagen enters the era of balance-sheet CO2-neutral mobility. There is great interest in the electric car, which makes electromobility affordable for millions.
If you fill up with green electricity, you are clearly more environmentally friendly: the CO2 balance of an electric car depends heavily on the electricity mix.